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Private Training (1-on-1)

This is a wonderful opportunity to get individual attention to your specific skill needs. All workouts will be geared towards each individual’s needs. Private basketball training allows players to work on their weaknesses while developing and improving strengths, allowing individuals to gain skills and confidence at their own pace. Players have unique characteristics, skill sets, and athletic abilities. One-on-one private training allows each player to work at their own speed and learning curve; equaling faster results. They also provide personalized insight into their development as a player.

Small Group Training

Our small group training is limited to 6 players. Where players will have the opportunity to expand on skill-specific training, make advancement in their techniques, and bring together all aspects of their basketball training together. Each session can be either an hour or 2 hours in duration. Players are grouped based on skill level and age. Please note small group training is open to players of all skill levels, age 9-18+


Our camps/clinics are great for any player looking to fine tune and develop their skills. Learn the fundamentals of the game needed to be the best player you can be. Each camp/clinic focuses on every aspect of the game while pinpointing a particular skill each week. Ball-handling, shooting, scoring moves, footwork, conditioning, and defense are just a few of the skills that are covered in our weekend clinics. Players will be broken down into small personalized groups to receive detailed information from our coaching staff. This allows players to get more attention and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

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