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3v3 Skills Academy


The first weeks of our 3v3 skills academy sessions will consist of the following:

  • 45 minutes of specific movement skill work

  • 45 minutes of controlled performance work

The final phase will consist of a 3v3 tournament

  • minimum of 3 games per session 

WHY 3 on 3?

  • Better spacing

  • Better ball movement

  • Better movement without the ball

  • Every player on the court matters - No more hiding!

  • Better defensive communication

  • Players have the ball in their hands more

  • Players improve their decision making

  • Less "Plays" and more playmaking

  • Players will learn to make reads instead of running sets

  • No Zone Defense

  • Opportunity for players to gain confidence 

  • Opportunity to practice newly acquired skills


Contact us at or WhatsApp 6767-0470.

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